Equivalent Length of Pipe Calculator

Equivalent length is the length of pipe with diameter and friction factor having the same energy loss as a fitting



Solve for:  Pipe Diameter, D: 
Moody Friction Factor, f: 
Minor Loss Coefficient, K: 
Equivalent Length, Leq
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Units: f and K are unit-less. D and Leq have the same units. For instance: If D is in meters, then Leq is in meters. If D is in inches, then Leq is in inches. If D is in ft, then Leq is in ft.

Equivalent length equation:  Leq = K D / f

If rectangular duct, compute D from:  D = 4 A / P

where A=Area of duct and P=Perimeter of duct. Equations from references listed at Discussion and References for Closed Conduit Flow.


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