Minor Loss Calculation for Liquids and Gases

Minor loss due to fittings in pipes and open channels



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Units in minor loss calculator: ft=foot, m=meter, s=second.

Minor Loss Equation:

Minor Loss Equation

g = acceleration due to gravity = 32.174 ft/s2 = 9.806 m/s2.

hm = head loss due to a fitting and has units of ft or m of fluid. It is the energy loss due to a fitting per unit weight of fluid.

K = minor loss coefficient for valves, bends, tees, and other fittings - table of minor loss coefficients.

The minor loss calculation is valid for open channels (including partially full culverts) as well as closed conduits (circular or non-circular) flowing full. The minor loss calculation does not check for unreasonable inputs such as negative values. All values should be entered as positive.


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