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Discussion Groups:
Piping & fluid mechanics engineering forum at Eng-Tips (Piping & fluid mechanics engineering technical support forum and mutual help system for engineering professionals. Selling and recruiting forbidden)

Engineers Edge    Physics Forums - Engineering    List of Forums    Civil Engineering Forum    Civil Engineers Forum    Basic Civil Engineering    Chemical Engineering Resources    Hydrology and River Hydraulics NFPA fire protection forum

You can always ask us a question here at LMNO Engineering:

Flumes, Weirs: OpenChannelFlow  TRACOM (flumes, weirs)   PlastiFab (flumes)   Baski (flumes) 
ACCA Pumps 
North Ridge Pumps 
Pump Piping and Instrument Diagram Symbols - Flow measurement and control 
Motion control hardware - linear and rotary stage tools, motion control systems 
Sewer Camera - Sewer camera inspections for homeowners and sewer camera equipment, rentals and repairs for sewer camera contractors from sewer camera dealers at 
Tri-state manufacturers - directory for manufacturing companies in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. Die casting, milling, drilling, fabrication, injection mold, CNC machining 
UK and European supplier of flow metering equipment including ultra sonic and variable area
Geothermal Heat Pumps - twisted pipes for better heat transfer 
QUA - Membrane products 
Proflow - Process control instruments and factory automation
Leak Detection - services for water leaks, gas leaks, pool leaks - U.S. manufacturer of flow tubes, orifices plates, venturi meters, plate holders, flange unions, multistage orifice assemblies, manifold valves, spectacle blinds, bleed rings, straightening vanes, and cutom parts
US RADAR, Inc. - Ground penetrating radar technology for utility location, geotech analysis, environmental hazard detection, structural assessment
Leak Detection - Leak detection services for water leaks, gas leaks, pool leaks, and leak detection equipment
Berkshire Corporation - clean room and controlled environment consumable lab products to help minimize contamination risks
JED Alliance Group mixers and concrete pump equipment sales
Cole and Lambert concrete pumps and trucks
Recycling and waste disposal
Diaper Recycling Technology
Dalton hydraulic cylinders for hydraulic fracturing, farming, forestry, manufacturing
Oilfield tools - design, manufacturing, and delivery
Alliance concrete pumps
FLEXIM - Non-intrusive clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters
Alloy Valve Stockist distributor of super duplex, alloy 20, monel, inconel, incoloy, hastelloy, titanium, 904L, and other exotic alloy valves for corrosive, petrochemical applications) 
Drain Cleaning (drain cleaning service, sewer drain, storm drain, tools, and products) (butterfly valves, ball valve, many types of valves, actuators) (control valves, valve automation, transducers, RTDs, thermocouples, temperature controls, scalder panels) (surveying equipment, engineering supplies, stream gauges, measuring wheels) - Portable water flow meters, digital flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters, thermal heat meters, flow measurement products
Culvert Cleaning Machine -
Imperial Flange and Fittings (orifce plates, venturi tubes, nozzles. Ben Moradian, owner. Mention LMNO Engineering) 
SprinkerMart - Irrigation and sprinkler parts. Sprinklers, controllers, valves, backflow preventers, fertilizer systems, rain/freeze sensors, pipe fittings, tubing (flow meters - electromagnetic, thermal, coriolis, differential pressure, vortex, PD, ultrasonic, turbine, VA)
G Instruments (sensors, digital signal processing)
HACH air and liquid particle counters
Deltrol Controls (Relays, solenoids, and dispensing valves)
BakerPerkins - Biscuit, fruit snack, confectionary production and manufacturing equipment; extruders, moulders, wire-cutting machines
CULTEC - Stormwater and Wastewater Systems (chambers, headers, filters) 
CIH Equipment Company (flow calibration equipment, air, particle ventilation, gas monitoring)
Universal Flow Monitors (
Stan-Cor ANSI Centrifugal Pumps - Wanner Engineering (also peristaltic and diaphragm pumps)
Superior Products (flow measurement devices such as orifice plates, venturis, nozzles. Good diagrams and explanations)
Vector Pumps (peristaltic pumps)
FlowTech Energy (industrial drilling equipment)
RS Hydro Flowmeter Consultants - Europe and UK (open channel flow meters and instrumentation) 
HydraCell Industrial Pumps
Motion Control Resource ( - Product, service, and information directory
Rieker (inclinometers, accelerometers and tilt indication devices)
Accepta (water and wastewater treatment chemicals, water analysis equipment, laboratory testing, water test kits, pumps, dosing)
Instruments Direct (flowmeters, level control)
Centrifugal Pumps and Centrifugal Pump Manufacturers
AEP Valve Boxes - Landscape Irrigation, Golf Course Irrigation, Municipal Water, CATV, Plumbing, Telephone, and Electrical Transmission
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Tanks (Belding Tank Technologies)
Solenoids - Rotary and Linear Solenoids from Ledex and Dormeyer
Preso Flowmeters (pitot, wedge, venturi meters) (find valve suppliers and manufacturers)
Australian Dynamic Technologies (personal breath testers, coal mine gas analysis instrumentation, air pollution and breath alcohol analysis equipment)
ABM Sensor Technology (ultrasonic transducers, probes, flowmeters, pulse radars, force sensors)
Yokota Manufacturing (fluid control, liquid-gas separation, anti-corrosion)
AquaStream (Water well rehabilitation; sand suction flow control device for pumping)
Process Industries Suppliers Register (supplier directory for process and energy industries)
Pump-Flo (internet pump selection)
Hach/Marsh-McBirney (depth and velocity instruments)
Global Water Instrumentation (flowmeter mfg's and suppliers) (pump types, suppliers, manufacturers) (supplies for drafting, surveying, measuring, marking) 
Master Pumps and Equipment   Lambda Square (flow meter mfg)
U.S. Pipe (ductile iron pipe)  Crane Co. 
Collins Pipe and Supply   Summit Valve supplier 
CONTECH Engineered Solutions (bridges, erosion control, pipe, retaining walls) 
Guardian Services (fire protection) 
Fluid Flow (measurement, control, and instrumentation)
FlowHow (orifice, nozzle, venturi meters - Finnish company)
Unified Machine and Design (specialty fabrication. New Jersey) (Wanner Engineering for industrial and process applications) (Wanner Engineering Hydra-Cell pumps for industrial and process applications) (Parker Hannifin motion control systems) (Clean Air Products - cleanrooms and cleanroom equipment) (water treatment chemicals for boiler, cooling, waste, and potable water products)
Wastewater Treatment (AguaChem)
ThermoWell Supply (New Zealand - temperature instrumentation for natural gas and liquids)
Spray Nozzles (China - Changyuan Spraying & Purification Tech.Co., Ltd.)
Aerotech (motion control) - Engineering supplies. Surveying, drafting, construction equipment and tools
Bullseye Scale (weighing and counting equipment)

Engineering/Science Search Engines:  Environment Resources    GeoIndex    WaterOnLine (the independent oil and gas information center) web directory

Lots of Links:   Eng-Tips Forums (Technical support forums and mutual help system for engineering professionals. Selling and recruiting forbidden.)   Kumar Links to Hydrology Resources   Metal Resources Directory   Water Conservation Links

Shareware:    Shareware    WinZip

On-line Calculators:  Hose Monster Company fire hydrant pump test hose calculator   Groundwater drawdown Theis method   Omni hydraulic gradient   US EPA groundwater gradient   National Weather Service normal depth from cross-section data points   Open channel flow calculator   Groundwater calculators   Normal and critical depth; hydraulic jump   Hydrology calculators   Kaeser pressure drop with fittings   Washington State Univ pipeline pressure loss   Copely pressure drop   TLV pressure loss, pipe sizing, velocity   Pressure drop calculator   Water waste calculator - enter drips or time to compute faucet leak rate   San Diego State University - hydraulics, weirs, spillways, pipes, sediment, scour, hydrology   Lenntech - water treatment calculators   Engineers Edge and calculators  Tank Draining (enter vessel and pipe data)  Unit conversions  Diameter of gas pipe for methane or ethane  Kinematic Viscosity of Oils, Fuels, Liquids   Oil and Gas unit conversions   Pipe flow calculations (  Probability functions (normal, Student t, Chi Square, Fisher F)  Aerospace web Isentropic flow, normal shock, and oblique shock calculators   Saline water density   ConvertPlus unit conversions  Rigzone unit conversions   Binary converter, magnetic units, resistor color codes, electrical units   Lots of unit conversions   More unit conversions (   Variety of calculators - math, science, technology   Torque, springs, metals weight, finance, statistics

Useful Information:
Flood safety and preparedness guide
Fix leaking toilet
CNC Machining Master Class
Technical Safety Services Certificate and Accreditation
Glossary of sensor terminology
Engineering Motion (engineering and technology videos) (comprehensive site for all piping issues)
LightMyPump (formerly, excellent for pump information)
Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab (science experiments)
Air Dispersion forumulas and unit conversions ( (integrated data gathering, drawing, surface modeling and design system for civil engineering infrastructure)
ChE Plus (chemical engineering resources: spec sheets, library, spreadsheets, calculations. Enter referrer: LMNO) (fluids and flow engineering)  SewerConnection  GeoCHEM (air quality)  Science Clarified 
List of on-line engineering programs
Home Emergency and Disaster Safety

Commercial Engineering/Science Software:
HEC-RAS (free from Corps of Engineers)  HEC-HMS (free from Corps of Engineers)
Applied Flow Technology (pipe system modeling for incompressible, compressible, water hammer, steam) (Pipe flow software. If you decide to buy their software, enter Promotion Code "LMNOENG" to receive 10% discount)
Fire sprinkler software   ABZ Inc (pipe networks)  UKTN orifice, nozzle, venturi flowmeter software (environmental software and consulting)  Fire Flow Software (OptiWater)
Production Scheduling and Production Planning Software  Geotech Computer Systems (data management and graphics)    Piping Analysis Software for Professionals (SST Systems)    Interactive chemistry/equilibrium calculations (JESS-Australia)  FluidFlowInfo (Resources and Software for fluid flow)   Currency, time, finance, and other useful conversions   G&P Engineering (Chemical Engineering Software)   megaConverter (lots of interactive unit conversions)   GAEA Software for geoscience and engineering   KYPIPE Water Distribution Program   Eagle Point   HydroModel    Data-Surge   HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling   Scientific Software   MINTEQ (geochemistry software)   Hydrocomp (hydrologic simulation software)    Remote Data Systems (instrumentation, sensors)    SoilVision (geotechnical, geo-environmental, and soil sciences data) (professional CAD package)

Science Education/Alternative Energy: (electric generators)  PicoTurbine (great site for small renewable energy and educational products) (great site!)

Government Sites:  USBR Water Measurement Manual  USEPA    National Climatic Data Center    USDA    USGS

Research Institutes:  International Assn of Hydraulic Research   Florida Institute for Phosphate Research

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)    ISO  ASTM  The Engineers' Club - On-line Services  Chemical Engineers' Resource Page   Ductile Iron Pipe Research Assn   American Geophysical Union   American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers     American Society of Civil Engineers     American Society for Engineering Education   American Water Resources Association    American Water Works Association   Association of Water Technologies    Canadian Water Resources Association    Groundwater Foundation     International Association for Environmental Hydrology   National Ground Water Association    Nature Conservancy   Soil & Water Conservation Society    Water Environment Federation  The Water Page by Water Policy International (especially Africa)  How to become a mechanical engineer - careers 

High Tech Design Safety  Meniscus (process engineering, England)    Heritage HVAC Contractor in New Hampshire  Technalysis Engineering Software (CAE-CFD consulting and software)

Degree Programs:
Columbia Southern University. On-line programs in environmental management 
Arizona State University. On-line master's degree in environmental management 
Ohio University on-line masters degree in civil engineering 
New Jersey Institute of Technology on-line masters degree in civil engineering 
Engineering universities and degree programs.
Types of engineering degrees.
Guide to on-line engineering programs.
Another guide to on-line engineering programs.
University of Dayton, Master of Science in Renewable and Clean Energy

Fire Hydrants   Water Supply Information page at   Fire hydrant links 
Hydrant Flow Test Information at  Equipment for flow test    Data needed for hydrant flow test   Conducting a flow test    Hydrant flow test data to collect   Fire hydrant test form  Flow calculator

Textbook Publishers: (on-line bookshop for water-related material) (compare prices of engineering textbooks)  McGraw-Hill    Wiley    CRC/Lewis     Nolo    Amazon

Automobile Sites (pricing, testing, etc.):    Edmund's    CarPrices    Kelley Blue Book  TheCarConnection  JDPower  AutoBuyGuide

Newspapers:    USA Today    L.A. Times

Sports:    CBS Sportsline


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