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All of the calculations on the LMNO Engineering, Research, and Software, Ltd., website have been coded using double precision and checked against known results. Even though some of the calculations show output fields to eight significant figures to save space while some show 16 significant figures, all internally perform computations in double precision. LMNO Engineering is confident that the programs work as intended; however, LMNO Engineering cannot be held responsible for any negative consequences of using the programs. Our calculations are written in the PHP programming language.

The print button on browsers usually does a good job printing the web pages and calculations. You may wish to copy/paste the screen image to a word processor or other application to embed in a report. You can highlight information on the page, then copy/paste to the other application. Another solution is to use a screen capture program that enables printing from any browser. There are many screen capture programs available, and you can go to sites like to see what's available and then download a program. We use the program SnagIt (available from which works well and can scroll down the screen to capture the entire page, not just what's on the screen. Then the image can be printed, copied to another application, or saved to a file.

Error messages within a calculation
If a calculation divides by zero, a "NAN" message will be printed in an output field. This means a value of infinity was computed. Division by zero is usually due to a number being typed incorrectly, such as 0.0 for density on the Energy Equation page.

All of our web pages and programs/calculations are copyrighted. This means that the .asf, .htm, .html, .shtml, php, .GIF, .jpg, and .exe files are the property of LMNO Engineering, Research, and Software, Ltd., and you cannot modify, copy, or redistribute them for profit or not for profit without our permission. This limitation, of course, does not apply to the web page output (what you see on the screen). You may print out or copy/paste any of the screens on our website so long as you include our copyright notices. This allows, for example, engineering consulting firms to include our web pages in their reports to clients. However, you may not put the images on another website. They are copyrighted and are not public domain.

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