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Pipe Flow Analysis and Design Software Section

Darcy-Weisbach losses:  Circular Liquid or Gas Pipes   Liquid or Gas Pipes with Pump Curve

Hazen-Williams losses:  Circular Water Pipes  Water Pipes with Pump Curve

Water Hammer (enter valve close or opening time)    Water Hammer (instantaneous valve closure)

Pipe Network (12 pipes)     Bypass Loop

Weymouth Equation for compressible gases      Choked flow of gas from tank through pipe

Rayleigh flow (compressible with heat transfer but frictionless

Flow Meters:  Orifice (liquids, D<5cm)  Orifice (liquids, D>5cm)   Orifice (gases, D<5cm)  Orifice (gases, D>5cm) 
  Venturi (liquids and gases)    Nozzle (liquids)

Bernoulli equation for pitot tube, pipe leak, pipe expansion/contraction, simplified orifice, nozzle, venturi

Culvert Design using Inlet and Outlet Control - submerged and unsubmerged

Free calculations (indicated by ) :

Non-Circular to Circular Pipe Conversions   Energy Equation

Minor Losses (valves, etc.)   Major Losses (pipe friction). Darcy-Weisbach

Major Losses (pipe friction). Hazen-Williams  Surface Roughness and Minor Loss Coefficients



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