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Comprehensive calculations

Culvert Design using Inlet and Outlet Control   Circular Culverts using Manning Equation 
  Design of Trapezoidal Channels   Design of Rectangular Channels
Inverted Siphon for sewer going under river
Gradually varied flow in trapezoidal channel
Hydraulic jump in a sloped circular pipe
Hydraulic Jump in Horizontal, Rectangular Channel   Critical Depth in Circular Culvert

  Weirs:  Rectangular   V Notch   Cipoletti

  End depth measurement to determine discharge in:
Circular Culvert     Rectangular Channel     Triangular Channel

Other calculations

Bernoulli Equation for Dam, Sluice Gate, Pitot Tube

Geometry of Circular Culverts  Geometry of Non-Circular Channels 

Manning Equation & Calculations   Mannings n Coefficients 

  Discharge from a Tank 

  Riprap rock sizing 



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