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Flow in pipes, open channels, hydrology, groundwater. Liquid, gas, water, air. Venturi, nozzle, orifice flowmeters. Weirs, flumes. Pipe networks, water hammer. Bernoulli, Manning, Moody. Culvert design, inverted siphon. Pressure, flow, discharge, sizing. Drag force. Tank volume, pipe volume, unit conversions.

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March 1, 2016 - New mobile-friendly calculation: Pipe Network


  Open Channels / Culverts
  Manning Equation Detailed Calculators:
+Circular culvert   +Trapezoidal channel   +Rectangular channel

  Simple Manning calculators:
Simple Manning calculator   Circular culvert geometry   Non-circular channel geometry   Mannings n Coefficients   Q = VA

  Specialty Programs:
Culvert design using inlet and outlet control   Gradually varied flow (M1, M2, S2, S3) graph   +Inverted siphon for sewer going under river   +Hydraulic jump   +Critical depth in circular culvert   +Bernoulli (pitot tube, dam, sluice gate)   +Discharge from a tank (steady state)   +Time to empty tank

+Parshall (submerged and free flow)   +Trapezoidal, rectangular, U (Palmer), Parshall (free flow)

  Weirs:   +Rectangular   V notch   Cipoletti

  Compute Waterfall Discharge at Channel Drop-Off (End Depth):
+Circular culvert   Rectangular channel   Triangular channel

Drag Force
+Drag force on hemispheres, cone, ellipsoid, annular disk, cylinder, rod, cube   +Drag force - you enter drag coefficient

  Pressurized Conduits
  Single pipes and tubes:
+Liquid or gas pipe (Darcy-Weisbach)   +Liquid or gas pipe & pump curve (Darcy-Weisbach)   +Water pipe (Hazen-Williams)   +Water pipe & pump curve (Hazen-Williams)   +Weymouth, Panhandle A (and B) equations (compressible gases)   +Choked flow of gas from tank through pipe   +Rayleigh flow (compressible with heat transfer but frictionless)

  Specialty Programs:
+Discharge from a tank (steady state)   +Time to empty tank   +Pipe network (12 pipes)   +Bypass loop   +Force due to pipe bend   +Bernoulli (pitot tube, pipe leak, pipe expansion/contraction)   +Water hammer (enter valve close or opening time)   +Water hammer (instantaneous valve closure)

  Venturi, Nozzle, and Orifice Flow meters:
+Venturi (liquids)   +Nozzle (liquids)   +Orifice (liquids, D<5cm)   +Orifice (liquids, D≥5cm)   +Orifice (gases, D<5cm)   +Orifice (gases, D≥5cm)   (D is pipe diameter)

  Properties of Gases:
+Specific gravity conversions and density using ideal gas law   +Gas flow conversions (mass, standard, actual)   Molecular weight   Gas viscosity

  Simple Programs:
Non-circular to circular pipe conversions   Energy (Bernoulli) equation   Static pressure from column height   Minor losses (valves, etc.)   Q = VA   Major losses (pipe friction). Darcy-Weisbach   Major losses (pipe friction). Hazen-Williams   Surface roughness and minor loss coefficients
Moody friction factor for Darcy-Weisbach   Equivalent length of pipe calculations

Hydrology and Groundwater
+TR-55 peak discharge   +TR-55 detention basin storage  +Time of concentration  Rational equation for peak discharge  

+Porous bed (packed bed, permeameter)   +Hydraulic gradient and flow direction from x, y, head data   +3-D slug (pulse) injection: advection, dispersion   +1-D step injection: advection, disp, retardation

+Volume of liquid in inclined cylinder at 0 to 90 degrees   +Volume of partially full cylinder on its side, sphere, cone   Unit conversions   Fluid properties   +Ideal gas law for density   Molecular weight   Gas viscosity   Discussion and references for pipes, culverts  

Videos / Movies
Friction loss and analysis   Tank discharge and analysis

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March 1, 2016 - New mobile-friendly calculation: Pipe Network
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